HONDA CR / CRF 125 / 250 / 450 / 500 1984 - 2018 STEEL REAR SPROCKET 51 TOOTH

Product Code: WF.RFE210.51
Brand: Supersprox
Condition: New
MPN: WF.ST210.51
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Riding for pleasure and want long product life

These days, many people are looking for better value from their purchases. You could be looking for long life and a lower cost. But you don't want to buy cheap products, that don't work properly. The Supersprox-Racing Steel sprocket is one answer in this minefield area. Is a $19.95 sprocket really going to work properly? Who knows ! But you can be sure that our steel-racing sprocket will do exactly what you want it to. It will last a long time, look good and cost you less.

What is it for

This product is perfect for all ATV machines, street bikes and any two wheel off road bikes. If you are riding for pleasure and don't need alloy sprocket that get worn out in 5,000 miles, this is for you. The Supersprox-racing steel sprocket will run 20,000 miles on the street, with the right chain combination. Remember that a worn alloy sprocket WILL prematurely destroy your chain life!

What tech about this sprocket

Start with the steel. We are using high carbon steel with a core strength of 400MPa, meaning the sprocket teeth will not bend or deform, even on the most powerful bikes. Every part of the sprocket has been machined to ensure perfect flatness and roundness. To make your sprocket, we will use the following. Laser cutter, CNC lathe, CNC mill, 19 flattening rolls, a surface grinder, a tooth cutter and another laser to write on the surface. The black surface finish is not just for looks. It is a super technical process that prevents corrosion on the teeth by forming a zinc carbonate barrier. After this first process, the sprocket is silver. Our competitors usually add paint to make their parts black, but that rubs off after a few miles and looks terrible. We make it black, by adding another technical layer called Trivalent Chromium and this micro thin layer bonds to the zinc base, giving more corrosion protection and looks much more technical than plain old paint. – You are really getting more for your money!