INNTECK Outer Fork Bush Kit 37mm Showa 37 x 41 x 12mm

Product Code: SKF.TI37S
Brand: SKF
Condition: New
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High quality fork bushings are essential inproviding best performance from your suspension. During a service it is important to replace both bushings due to contaminated forkoil, this ensures perfect alignment of the inner and outer tubes increasing seal life.A fork bushing must blend many different factorscorrectly to end with a positive result in the realworld.The materials and chemistry of Innteck bushings are superior to many other bushes on the market with their specific mix of high lubricity and wear resistance resulting in a material with low coefficient of friction and bedding cycles. The ability to absorb contamination without changing operating tolerance & compatibility with suspension specific fluids. Advanced engineering provides for the material substrate to support loads exerted on the bushings without deformation, yet allow for excellent material adhesion for increased durability. Quality in the manufacturing process allows for precise tolerances, bushings can be specified for ideal clearances and yet installation will be reliable and consistent within each application.Innteck Bushings are specifically advantageous when complimenting the SKF Fork seals.