How is my order processed and paid for?
Very simple. We receive your order by email and we process it straight away, picking and packing it whilst the order value is deducted from your account (all card numbers we hold on file at head office). We are currently working on a direct payment gateway for the site. However we like doing things slightly differently and we know many people have varying payments methods for us and our main priority is getting your order to you, so if we were to use direct card payments only this might hold some dealers back. However we combat any problems by approving dealers before they are granted full access to our shop and ordering facilities.

How much can I order at once?
Every account gets 1500 credit on our site. All orders will be deducted directly from your card by TWS GB here at head office and any amendments made and notified to customers. If you wish to order anymore than this value give us a call and we can increase your limit. After every order, the value will be deducted directly from your card (details held on file here at TWS GB) and your account topped back up to 1500.

What is going on with postage costs?
Simple, because every order is different we want to cater to our customers and make postage costs as fair as possible. The default cost is 5.00 (ex VAT) this will be amended to reflect the true value of the order. For example it might increase for expensive items, large items and decrease for small items. We will apply the most cost efficient solution here and amend your invoice which will be included in the delivery. This will also be reflected in the end of month statements we post to you.

Do you have a catalogue?
We are moving with the times. Marketing costs of hard copy catalogues send costs of items higher. We don''t want that and neither do you. We might publish the occasional flyer or pass out the brand material to our dealers but we try to do everything now online. It''s quicker, easier to update, allows us to pass on savings to our dealers and good for the environment.