Hot Rods Con Rods

Hot Rods Connecting Rods supplied by TWS GB are developed to match and exceed OEM standards there is no better choice for performance and quality.
  • Hot Rods crank pins are manufactured from hot-rolled ASTM 4115 and case-hardened to 58-62 Rc. 
  • Hot Rods work directly with their bearing factory's engineering department to bring you the latest in caged needle roller bearing designs for high RPM. 
  • Uniquely designed big end uses strategically located side scalloping and vent slots to minimize high RPM bearing race distortion. 
  • Hot Rods are double forged to improve grain flow and maintain dimensional consistency. Furthermore, they're shot peened to eliminate surface stress risers and to smoothly blend the rod forging's radiuses together. Unlike hand ground and polished rods, shot-peening produces more consistent dimensioning and surface finish for superior strength under heavy loads. 
  • By shot-peening the connecting rod's surface, fatigue durability is improved two times over a forged rod, and over eight times when compared to a polished rod. 
  • Double honing produces an ultra-round (50 millionths) bearing surface, producing a reliable high RPM connecting rod. 
  • Small ends are double-drilled to supply extra lubrication and cooling to the wrist pin bearing, which is especially important when the piston crown is close to the wrist pin bearing. 

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